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My Role: Sound Recordist / Sound Editor / Sound Designer / Re-Recording Mixer
Date: October 2014
Production Company: N/A
Directed By: Tristan Holden


Kofra are a speciality coffee bar based in the heart of Norwich’s Golden Triangle. Tristan Holden got in touch with me as he required a location sound recordist for the shoot of the promo, which was to focus on owner José’s daily opening routine to show his precision and passion for making great coffee.

Thanks to Tristan’s stylistic vision for the finished promo, I was able to spend time on the shoot trialling different microphone positions on the machines in order to best capture their unique sounds – something I rarely get to do on a shoot! In agreement that the soundtrack would be extremely important in making the film work, Tristan asked me to complete the audio post-production on the film. This consisted of delicately editing the location recordings and designing each individual shot’s sonic signature, whilst blending them together to accompany the fast-cut visual.

Overall, it was an incredibly enjoyable project to work on due to it’s specific focus on the sound. If you’re ever in Norwich, ensure you visit Kofra. They’re great people serving fantastic coffee.