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Location Sound Recording

As a firm believer that ‘sound is half of the experience’, I feel that the quality, and ultimately intelligibility, of dialogue is vital to any form of visual media.

Using my personal industry-quality location sound recording equipment, I pride myself on achieving professional, intelligible and high-quality audio recordings, often under high-pressure and time-restricted conditions in sonically challenging and demanding environments. I also believe that social skills are just as important as the technical when it comes to interacting with talent and contributors and play a vital role in achieving the best possible recordings.

My location sound recording portfolio consists of work produced on a range of corporate films and for many of the UK’s main broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4 & Sky on programmes such as The One Show, The Gadget Show, Rogue Traders and Got To Dance.

To discuss the location sound requirements for your project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What do my clients say?

I was fortunate to work with Matt on a short promotional trailer in early 2014. It was clear immediately that he had a good work ethic, keeping me up to date on how the sound design was going and sticking to the strict completion dates. I found Matt very easy to talk to and collaborate with, producing a great final product and I look forward to working with Matt in the future.

Callum Burn
Director, Tin Hat Productions

A distinguished professional who’s mind was fully focused on the job at all times, Matt was not just reliable in his role but also an integral member of the crew who provided nothing but positive energy and fantastic spirit to the work. My first choice for a sound recordist and mixer on future projects.

Adam Morse
Director, Hollyfield Productions

I worked with Matt on my recent film ‘Have You Seen Lucinda Jameson?’ and was extremely pleased with the result. Matt mixed a soundtrack that gave the film a layer of depth it sorely needed and in doing so fulfilled the directors brief while at the same time adding touches of his own, really helping the final product come to life. Technically proficient and wonderfully creative Matt is definitely my first choice for audio post-production on future projects.

Amer Iqbal
Producer & BAFTA Nominated Editor

Working on set with Matt is always a pleasure. He has good attention to detail and understands how to work with both the Director and actors in order to capture their performances and vision.

Adam Spinks
Director, Initiative Motion Pictures

I had the pleasure of working with Matt on my short film ‘Shelter’ on which he worked as a Sound Recordist and saw the film through all stages of audio post-production, including recording ADR and composing the film’s main score. He worked efficiently, produced  an excellent standard of work and I strongly believe that the final piece would not have been up to such a high standard had it not been for Matt’s contribution.

Michael Hankinson

Matt is not only a highly skilled sound man, he also has an ear for the story as well. Always happy to follow instruction and always happy to offer (helpful) ideas and solutions to any problem, he’s a genuine asset on any shoot. Pickle Jar Films are huge fans!

Kevin Hylands
Director, Pickle Jar Films

Matt was professional, responsive and hard working throughout the project. The final output was just as good as his attitude to work, everything I would want from a Sound Designer. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Tom Richards
Director, Pinchy Productions

I’ve worked with Matt on a number of different projects over the years, and every time has been an absolute joy. He is hard working, professional and incredibly passionate about all things to do with audio and sound. Every time I have a new film going ahead, I always check to see whether Matt is free, not only to come and record sound on set, but also to design and mix during post-production.

Michael Beddoes
Director/Producer, Hoot Comedy/Freelance